Friday, May 18, 2012

Soy Beans

   Soy beans square on Day 40.  Of the 9 beans planted in this square, five managed to grow.  I've noticed when I grew  them in traditional in-the-ground garden also that some soy beans would just rot in the ground and never manage to germinate.  Some would also break ground, but turn brown and fail to grow.  These observations were also true when I started them indoors in small pots.  I honestly never expected soy beans to be quite this tricky. ^^;  once they get past the initial baby leaves stage, they seem to do just fine.

   Looking at this photo of my soy beans, it makes me think that they might need more nitrogen -- the newest leaves on top look a little yellow...

   The two squares that radishes were growing in have been all harvested and cleared.  I planted one with curled parsley clump (Came 3 in a decent size pot).  I like fresh parsley in tabouli (I omit mint that traditional tabouli recipes call for in my cooking because parsley and mint together is just ... not my thing. ^^; ) during summer.  They also look quite pretty in a vigorously growing mound.

   As for the other square vacated by the radishes, I'm not sure what I'd like to plant yet.  I know my daughter and I would love more soy beans and/or broccoli while my husband would love more carrots. ^^;

   The Mammoth Russian sunflower seedling that I've been keeping track of.  It's stout, but very healthy.  This one already follows the sun during the day from east to west at this size.

   The newly germinated Mammoth seedling.  I have a single row going in the backyard.  These guys were planted before the Mammoth Russians germinated.  My seed packets for MR were a few years old and I wasn't sure if I was going to get any seedlings at all.  I've got some, but nothing as consistent as the packet of Mammoth, which was purchased brand new this season at a store.  They germinated bigger and are growing faster.

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