Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 24

   Yesterday, I finished setting up the fourth box, which will be used for summer vegetables like tomatoes.  The grid lines have not been placed yet, but I had to put sticks in there to keep my cats from using it as a new giant kitty litter box. ^^;

   I put the stepping stones to keep our feet clean when the dirt around the box gets wet from watering or rain.  You can see the elm seeds everywhere.  They are blown off the trees now, so I just have to watch the little seedlings and make sure to pull them out before they get taller and harder to pull.  They grow deep roots and can be very hard to pull out of the soil.

   Spring vegetables box on Day 24.  It looks like a patchwork quilt of green! :D

   The mesclun salad mix square today.  There's a nice mix of different greens, but this was one of the squares that got trampled on badly by the cats the other day.  I lost a lot of seedlings.

   The radish square.  They are getting bigger and filling out the square nicely.  You can see the damage on the leaves on the lower left of this image -- that's kitty damage. XD

   My little jellybean-shaped garden pond. :)  It's more of a puddle than a pond size-wise (I have a fish tank that holds more water than this in the house.), but it entertains the cats during summer (They just watch the goldfish.  It's their favorite hangout.) and I love it, although I would love to put a larger pond in my backyard some day.  There are two waterlilies in there -- one white and one pink.  In the middle of summer, the whole surface is completely covered by lily pads.  I just put 3 feeder goldfish in there for added color and mosquito control.  They are only about 2 inches long, including the tail, but they usually grow very large in one season from all the nutritious fresh bugs they get to eat.

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