Monday, December 10, 2012

Chickens' First Snow

   It has been a really warm fall and early winter, and we finally have snow with noticeable accumulation.  It came on Saturday night, and it has been cold enough to stay around.   The ski resorts in Colorado are just now starting to open for the season.

   Our chickens just celebrated their 13-week birthday last week.  They are all healthy and big!  Amazing how fast they grow.  The feathers are beautiful.  The cuddly ones (Frigglish and Puccini in particular) are warm and soft.  If you've heard that chickens are stinky or smelly, it's not true.  If kept in a clean environment, they smell like sun-dried laundry.

   I got all five of them in a single frame! :D  We have such a beautiful assortment of chickens.  The black and white one is Frigglish (always the sweetest and the cuddliest); the fawn-colored one is Puccini (also tame and loves to roost on our arms); the black one is Tapioca (used to be the black and yellow chick); the white and brown one is Coco (the most streamlined chicken who loves to sit on my back); and the dark brown one is Dorito (the most high-strung one of the flock, rather anti-social with humans).  Each has a distinct personality, which is fun.

   The other day, someone that I had never met before stopped by and gave me some fresh greens for the chickens.  She told me that she was given too much greens for her chickens and was happy to share with me.  I was delighted!  I've always given my girls chopped greens from the SFG boxes (Swiss chard, salad mix, and broccoli leaves), but most of my veggies are now dead (My parsley and broccoli are the only plants that are still green and alive.), so we have to buy the greens from the grocery store.

   The chickens start to lay eggs when they are about 5 months old.  It will be early February 2013 when our chickens turn that age.  It will be couple more months.  I'm very excited about that! :D