Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots More to Come

   We have been talking about and studying up on the backyard chickens.  So, the new building project for my husband is the chicken coop.

   Our back porch is turning into a project porch. :D  Here's the view of the part of the lumber that's going to be turning into the frame of the chicken coop.  You can also see the bags of compost, a bag of vermiculite, and the 4th box frame for the summer veggies box.

   The view of the strawberry box this morning.  The plants have not suffered from the transplant shock, just a bit of trampling by the cats. ^^;  There are some tiny berries and more flowers.

   Along the fence are our newly planted raspberry plants.  This one is showing a lot of little white flowers.  Looks like one of the five I planted is completely dead, so I'll have to buy a replacement soon.  The remaining four are doing well.

   One of my favorite trees -- Russian Olive -- is loaded with flower buds.  I've been smelling the blossoms throughout the town, but our trees in the front yard have not started blooming yet.  We have so many of these trees in the area that for weeks in May, we can smell the wonderfully refreshing scent of their flowers.  They say these trees have a huge need for water and the city government lists them as 'pests' and call them 'undesirable'.  I love them though, for their cool silvery green foliage and the fragrance of the flowers.

   One of the peony bushes in the front yard, showing buds.  They are looking really lush this year.  I hope they have huge blooms.  Aside from the magenta colored ones, I also have white and pale pink.

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