Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Corn Seedlings Plus Other Flowers Around the House

   Their tiny tips poked up two days ago, but it would not have shown in the photo with all the specks of colors in the soil mix, so I waited till this morning to take a picture.  Corn seedlings look like baby canna and so easy to distinguish from the seedlings of elm trees.  I can be pretty casual about pulling the weeds in this box.

   My pots on the back steps out of the kitchen.  I think the garden fairies are enjoying a little more color than before now that the pansies and sweet williams are producing more blooms. ^^

   Around the house to the front yard.  The magenta peonies have fully bloomed.  My camera has the hardest time capturing the deep bluish red colors like this flower's.  But you can see the silky shine on the petals and how they pick up the light.

   Another angle of the same peony bushes that are producing the magenta blooms.  They are in the shade of the wisteria vines, protected from the mid-day sun.

   The "Samurai Warrior" irises have started blooming.  They have the wonderfully rich, maroon-brown, brick-red color with beards showing orange and purple.  Blooms are rather large for their overall stature.

   Another angle, looking at the same two blooms.  The colors are delightful against the fresh green of the grass in the morning light.

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