Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 44

   This is the first entry since Saturday, and since we had a partial solar eclipse on Sunday, I'm posting one of the pictures we took of the dappled sun/shadows on the siding of the tree leaves.  It's so cool how we can see the upside down image of the sun's crescent.

   Our spring veggies SFG box on Day 44.  I have since planted those two squares vacated by the radishes.  Yesterday's daily high was 91 degrees and set the record for the area.  It comes as no surprise that I found one of the spinach plants starting to set buds.  ^^;  I'm still picking them and using them in my soups, stir fries, and salads and they seem to come right back overnight. :D  The two squares of Mesclun salad mix seem to do the same.  I make myself a nice big plate of salad and the next morning, I can't really see where I pinched off leaves.

   Baby pea pod on the vine.  The Alaska peas have been blooming and started growing baby pods.  It's fun to see things producing.  These plants are now 27 inches tall.  They have tendrils holding onto the support strings as well as onto each other and practically standing straight up as a whole. ^_^

   The tallest corn plant in the Corn Box is now measuring about 8 inches tall.  Both the first crop and second crop have successfully germinated and been growing nicely.  Corn is so fun to watch.  Here's one of out kitties strolling in the SFG zone of our backyard, keeping herself to the pathway. :D

   The Mammoth Russian seedling with the second set of leaves.  This one and a bunch of Mammoth seedlings are doing well.  Other annuals that have germinated nearby include four o'clocks and "Bright Lights" cosmos (yellow, orange, red).  I hope I can get a nice cutting garden strip/natural fence out of them in the peak of summer. 

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