Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simple Pleasures

   We seem to be hearing about crops of lettuce or spinach contaminated with Listeria on the news more and more.  Whenever there's a recall announced, I feel so lucky to be growing and having access to fresh greens right in my backyard.  I know exactly what goes into it, too -- all organic, no pesticide, no herbicide.  Since the soil mix is 1/3 compost, I don't use any fertilizer like Miracle Grow.  The only thing I use is a sea kelp concentrate that provides trace minerals.  Oh, and I'm a firm believer of the benefit of fish tank water. :D  Whenever I do a partial water change on my three fish tanks ranging in size from 26 gallons to 72 gallons, I water my houseplants and outdoor plants with the water that is siphoned out of the tanks to be discarded.  As far as I can see, the plants LOVE the fish tank water. lol

   Anyhow, to be able to eat salads every day and know that everything is exactly as nature intended and disease-free is wonderful.  I'm sure the nutrients are doing wonderful things to my body, but the psychological effect can't be overlooked.  There's something very special in helping nature along in the form of growing one's own garden and keeping it healthy, lush, and thriving.  It's life affirming.  It's soothing to the spirit. ^_^

   The Summer Veggies SFG box.  The part of the backyard they are in is just getting out of the shade of the tree in this picture.  In the north part of the box, I have three heirloom tomato plants.  We plan on building a strong support for them so we can grown them vertically.  If all goes well, we will have dark purplish red on the left, yellow in the middle, and pinkish red on the right during the peak of summer and onward.  I also have basil, Italian parsley, eggplant, beans, and soy growing in this box.  I can't wait for the first tomato sandwich of the season! XD

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