Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 37 & Update on Chicken Coop

   Spring Vegetables SFG Box on Day 37.  I have already used some spinach yesterday and have been using Mesclun salad mix leaves for sandwiches also for a few days.

   Took us long enough, but we finally put the climbing support for the peas now that "Alaska" was 2 feet tall.      The seed packet said they'd only grow to  be 2.5 feet, and I have no idea how tall the Asian snow peas climb.  But I have tucked in some moonflower seeds about 8 days ago, and I know they will be able to use the support for sure.  I'm also considering putting some morning glory seeds in there, but wondering if the soil might be a little too rich -- they tend to do better in poor soil while rich soil tend to produce lush growth with no flowers.  Anyhow, you can see the chicken coop frame in the background, far to the upper right.

   The Mother's Day Sunday was a project Sunday for us.  My husband has finished building the frames for the chicken coop.  In this photo, they're just tacked together temporarily (We still need to get some pressure treated wood for the base.), but it sure helps visualize the whole thing.  Our city code allows for up to 6 chickens for properties under 1/2 acres with no permit necessary.  Rooster is not restricted, either.  We are hoping to get 4 hens.  We took apart the old swing set that used to sit there as you can see what's left of it along the fence... and one of out kitties in the background.

   Mesclun salad mix square has grown to look so lush and delicious.

   I'm harvesting these guys today -- "Crimson Giant" radish.  They are about 1.5 to 2 inches across.  Even with the late start (April 8th) and recent hot weather, they've managed to remain sweet without becoming hot, and crunchy without being dry.

   The other square of radish -- "Sparkler White Tip".  Red top with white bottom.  A pretty color combination.  The very first one that I pulled out turned out to be very hot and disappointed me.  But the rest of the batch I pulled out for breakfast turned out to be the classic radish flavor with no obnoxious hotness.   That made me happy.

   In the past, whenever I grew radish, cracking and dryness were always a problem with some part of the garden that didn't stay consistently moist.  With Mel's Mix in the SFG box, the moisture was consistent throughout the growing season and there were no problems.  So this method is clearly great for radishes.

   The little sunflower seedling that I've been keeping track of.  His real leaves are now bigger than the baby leaves.  The stem is getting really dark.  Very sturdy since it was grown outside from seed.  I get way more kitty traffic out there than in the SFG box (with those sticks XD ).

   Here's my Zebra Iris.  It sits quietly by the little jellybean pond by itself with unique yellow and green leaves.  This is the first year that it has grown a decent size bloom. ^_^

   Another picture of the same bloom taken from a different angle.  The blooms are relatively simple to compliment the showy foliage.  In the background are the lily pads.

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