Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 26

     It's hard to believe it's been 26 days since we put this SFG box started.  These are still baby plants, but the whole thing looks so fun right now, now that each square is getting more filled out with one variety of vegetable to make it distinct.  I thinned out the Swiss Chard this morning so that I have one each of the four colors: pink, red, orange, and yellow.  I pinched off the above-ground portion of seedlings about 1.5 inches.  I washed the little leaves and tasted them right away.  They were mild with the fresh green taste.  Yum! :D

   The "Alaska" peas are now about 6 inches tall.  They are the fastest growing veggies in this box.

   Years ago, I had seeds from the "Blue Flower Garden" packet of mixed seeds.  I scattered them in the backyard and on the side of the front lawn.  We still get volunteer plants of Bachelor's Buttons.  Most of them are blue, but I spotted a deep purple one.  We had very little precipitation this past winter and spring, so the plants are shorter than usual and blooms are smaller.  Still pretty, though. ^_^

   A fluffy peony bud in the front flower bed.  These guys have a few magenta streaks inside of them.

      The first peony bloom of the yard.  It's already too heavy for the stem to support, so it's leaning over. ^^;

   One of my favorite irises in my yard -- pink and magenta.  This was also in the mixed batch of rhizomes that I got from a friend years ago and I don't know the name of the variety.  I generally love the two-tone irises like these.  I have another variety that is peach on top with reddish purple on lower petals, but I haven't seen them in a while...