Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Heat Is On

   We are seeing unusually high temperatures for daily highs for the past straight week -- all triple digits!  Still,  we are not getting much relief in terms of precipitation.  Our total precipitation up to this point is less than 1/3 of average same time of the year according to the weatherman. So, it's been dry.  Luckily, around my house, it has been dry like this since late spring that not very many weed seeds managed to germinate and grow.  Weed abatement has been easier than previous few years.  

   We are, unfortunately, having multiple wildfires going at different areas of the state, with the biggest one still raging in Colorado Springs.  Looking at the weather forecast for the state, I don't see them getting much help from Mother Nature...

   Anyhow, my corn has started to bloom as you can see in the photo above.  This is the first crop of corn that is supposed to get ready in the early part of July, so I guess it's right on track.  The tallest plant measures about 4 1/2 feet now.  I was having a hard time keeping them watered for a while, but trickle watering works quite well even with just a single regular hose in a box.  So I've managed for the past several days without having them curl their leaves up.

   The marigold I planted into the spring veggies box on April 8th has finally bloomed. ^^  There were two pots on the front porch with marigold which was also started from seeds, but they seem to get a little more sun and been blooming for a week already.  The difference in the micro-climates around the house is surprising sometimes.

   The Yellow Pear heirloom tomato with the pear-shaped little babies.  This plant turned out to be the most vigorous of the three tomatoes in my SFG box.  It needs staking badly.  It's leaning onto the Brandywine for support at the moment.

   The Brandywine tomato twins. ^ ^  I've been keeping track of these guys for a while and they are growing nicely.  Still a long way before I can have a tomato sandwich (This is the only time I crave white bread ... to make tomato sandwich with just white bread, tomato slices, and mayo. LOL ).

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