Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Tomatoes

   These Brandywine tomato babies are making a good progress.  Flowers are continuing to bloom and new babies are coming. :D  It's so exciting!!

   And here's a look at the Black Krim tomato babies.  Growing steadily.

   Also in the same Summer Veggies SFG Box is a Japanese eggplant "Ichiban".  The plant has a lot of purple in the stem and veins, and the star-shaped flower is lavender.  I've always thought eggplant to be a rather pretty plant.

   "Red Beauty" bell pepper plant is now starting to have white blossoms.  The plant is getting really dense with leaves.  The Summer Veggies Box is starting to look really filled out.

   And here's a look at the Spring Veggies SFG Box on Day 72.  The soy beans are starting to really take off.  Mesclun lettuce squares are still producing well -- enough for me to have one or two salads every day.  The Sweet Williams are really doing well and blooming profusely.  The marigolds are finally starting to show buds.   They were started right in the box from seeds so it makes me extra happy to see them getting ready to bloom. :D  The peas, despite the yellowing in the hot weather, are still producing.  The tallest pea plant is at 37 inches. You can see the corn box right behind them, and the tomato plants to the left.  I have two of my many cats strolling the garden in this shot.

   The Corn Box on Day 56.  I measured them this morning and it's about 38 to 39 inches at the tallest point. I'm having to step back farther and angle my camera more toward the fence in order to capture the corn plants.  You can see the compost pile (the mound of debris) close to the fence in the upper left.  The corn box may have to be drip irrigated during the middle of the day.  We are now seeing daily high temperatures in the mid to high 90s every day.  I'm starting to see the leaves curl in the heat of the day.  Not to mention, the 6 inches of soil looks 'not enough' for these giant plants. ^^;

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