Friday, June 15, 2012

Grow Baby Grow

   One of the babies growing on my Brandywine tomato plant.  The whole plant is still only about 18 inches tall with a spread of 26 inches, but I counted 3 baby fruits this morning.  They're all about the same size as the one pictured here.

   Here's the picture of the same exact baby tomato from 3 days ago.  Ahhh, it's growing. :D

   The Corn Box on Day 52.  It's getting hard to see the frame of the box.  The tallest plant measured 35" from the soil level this morning.

   The "cat's eye view", if you will.  I can see why it's so irresistible for them to go in there and lie down for a cool afternoon nap.  People have fun in a corn maze, too.

   The Summer Veggies Box.  Things are really starting to take off now that they're no longer 'seedlings' and the daily high has been consistently in the mid 90s.  I transplanted the flowering kale seedlings to one square and into three pots this morning.  Although they are still tiny, their roots were already reaching the bottom of the starter containers.  I've never grown them in the past and I'm not sure how I'll like them, so I'm just committing one square in this box.  If I like it, I'd like to build a dedicated SFG box for fall/winter flowering plants.

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