Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corn Box Day 49

   Corn Box on Day 49.  The front half of the box was planted April 25th.  Germination occurred about 7 or so days later.  I'm looking at the seed packets information about 'days to maturity', and according to that, it's 66 days.  So the projected date of maturity is around July 6th.

   Right now, the tallest part of this group of corn plants measures about 30 inches from the top of the soil.  They are practically bursting out of the box. ^^

   Strawberries are coming!  The plants have been producing a lot of flowers in the past few weeks and now we are starting to see the fruits on the vine. :D  Exciting!

   The beginning of a tomato fruit!  This is my Brandywine tomato plant.  I found the baby tomato today. :D

   The closeup view.  You can see the dried-up flower still attached to this baby green tomato.  The plant is about 16 inches tall.  The leaves are huge and the plant is about twice wide as it is tall.

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