Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Corn Box Day 43

   Corn is really fun to watch since they grow so quickly.  The last time I took a picture of this box was back on Day 41.  You can see how much  they've grown since.

The same Corn Box on Day 41.
   These plants are still about the same height, but the leaves have grown much more and the whole box looks  much more filled out.  The color of the green is such a healthy shade of green, it's gorgeous. (Healthy plants are beautiful in the way they radiate vitality.)   As I've said before, keeping my cats out has become more of a problem for some reason.  They like to hide in tall grass generally, and they are attracted to the corn plants.  I have big cats squeezing themselves in between the rows of corn to lie down for an afternoon nap. XD

   I've had so much trouble growing corn in the past several seasons (After the first two seasons, the soil seemed to have been depleted of nitrogen and generally gotten so poor in quality and we just couldn't do enough to amend the soil to grow them properly.  Water bill had also become too high to be practical.), so I'm delighted to see them doing so well in the SFG box.  I really am most pleased with the results so far.  At this rate, I'd be a total SFG convert by the end of this growing season.

   The four SFG boxes.  So green (Well, except for the peas that are hating the heat. ^^; )  We're ready to put the hardware cloth on the chicken coop frame, but it really has been too hot for comfort.  Some days are annoyingly windy.  Nothing like extreme weather to ruin your weekend project. 

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