Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Coop Update

This coop was the easiest thing to put together.  The sets of screws were marked clearly (You'd have to be really careless to miss the label...) and the instructions easy peasy (Once again, you'd have to be in such a hurry to mess things up...) Everything matched up nicely and we didn't encounter any problem. :D  All done in less than 30 minutes.  Painting the parts took a LOT longer. lol

We'll be doing a few small reinforcement modifications based on the reviews this coop got at Tractor Supply Co web site.  I don't think a lot of reviewers painted this either.  There were some reviewers who complained about the wood swelling up and the coop coming apart in a short time, so we've decided to give it a nice coat of paint.  Besides, it was nice to match the colors of the existing coop.

Loki, one of our cats, inspects the new coop.
I'm going to close the opening that connects to the ramp and set up a brooding area in the coop and nesting box section while the chicks are little.  Once they are a few weeks old, I'm sure they'd be wanting to come out off the ramp and into the run. :D  They also sell a matching extended run kit, that connects to the door on the end.  That might be nice once the chicks get a little bigger. :D

We're done for now, except for deciding on a definite location for this new coop.  We need to set it up on the wood frame off the ground to further protect from moisture. ^_^

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