Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Geting Ready to Assemble the Coop

It took me seemingly forever to paint the sections of the new coop.  Well, the small trims and hardware definitely slowed me down.  But the pieces are painted and ready to be assembled. :D  Got a notice from the chicken company that our chicks have shipped yesterday afternoon.  So we really need to get this coop done and a brooding area set up for the new babies.  (Still more shopping to do at the farming supply store...)

The older ladies (my hens) are curious duo as all chickens are.  They also seem to think that the white paint I am applying to the chicken coop is yogurt and they insist on getting to my paint tray!  It was a little rough to be painting in the sun when it was 85 degrees, breezy, dust and elm seeds flying everywhere, and having to fend off the chickens.  ^^;  Thank goodness I'm done painting! 

I love the classic barn colors for our chicken coop. ^_^  We even have a neighbor whose garage is painted in this color scheme.  It was also handy that the local Walmart sells "Barn and Fence" paint in white and barn red. :D   This little coop (meant to house 4 bantams or 2 regular size chickens --  We're only going to keep our new chicks in there until they're 16 weeks and can be moved to the large coop.) came pre-assembled into panels and sections in a big box.  I was expecting the typical furniture where you have to read hard-to-understand instruction (in English but clearly written by a non-native English speaker in ... most likely China), so I was happy to see the panels. :D

The pieces are dry now.  Our cat Twinky (the smallest in our family) inspects the paint job on one of the panels as Dorito challenges.  Dori-chan is actually larger and heavier than Twinky.  Our chickens free-range in the backyard now and the cats don't bother them.

Fiona (Easter Egger) has her feathers back! :D  Isn't she beautiful?  Gold, brown, and black.  Quite a beauty!  Her eggs are a pretty shade of green.

Looks like Dorito has found a flaw in my paint job... LOL  It really is a lot of FUN to work in the backyard with the girls checking on you from time to time.  I love chickens.  I never knew that they were such inquisitive and social birds.  I'm so looking forward to the new chicks!!  I'll be able to spend a lot of time with them and hand-tame them. ^_^

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