Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chicks Have Arrived!

For the second time, I was picking up the supplies for the chicken brooder at Walmart (thermometer, water bowl, heat lamp bulb, etc.) when my phone rang and it was the local post office letting me know that my chicks have arrived and they're ready to be picked up.  :D  The most exciting kind of phone call!  It's also kind of fun to go to the back of the post office and ring the service bell and get to go into the receiving and sorting area.   I saw a double boxed package with round holes and heard it chirping~!!  It's always a good sign when they sound strong and demanding in the box. LOL

I hurried home and set up the brooder in a hurry.  Put the light bulb in the fixture, put the pine shavings on the floor, place the thermometer, put the feed and water out.  Always last minute.  I don't know how this is always the case... ^^;

I tried to open to box inside the house to take a peek, but as soon as I got to the inner box's lid, I could see the little one trying to jump out.  And of course, the cats started to congregate as soon as they heard the chirping, I had to bring the box outside to the coop and open it inside there.

I was thrilled to see one Easter Egger chick that was light yellow with patches of grey on top.  Looks a lot like how Coco looked as a chick! :D  And the other Easter Egger chick is brown and black, so I'm guessing that she'll look like Fiona. :D  The dark girl already has the fluffy cheeks!!  So adorable~!!  This one was not as sure-footed as the other girls, so I was a bit worried, but she found water right away, and perked up very quickly after a drink and pecking on the crumbs.  All good!

The two Barred Plymouth Rock girls are tiny, but full of engergy.  They look practically egg-size.  So cute!  Frigglish was our first Barred Plymouth Rock chicken and she was exceptionally sweet and smart, so we're hoping the new girls will have similar temperament.  (Our previous Easter Egger, Coco, had a wonderfully sweet personality, too.  Always jumping on me and talking to me. ^_^)

The morning sun was behind me and I could only open the door a crack, so it was a little hard to get good pictures, but I'll keep trying.  To the left are the two Easter Egger girls, that will lay green or blue-green eggs, and the black with light yellow chicks are the Barred Plymouth Rock babies, that will lay brown eggs.  It's always amazing to see how active these chicks are.  Running and jumping at such young age. ^_^

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