Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Having Fun with Fish

Since I mentioned that I'd post a pic of my 72-gallon tank in the previous post, here are some pictures.  I only have a point-and-shoot camera, and am finding photographing aquarium and fish to be kind of tricky.  I have yet to take a satisfactory photo let alone a great one.  The tanks and fishes are way prettier in person... T_T

This one is located downstairs in our basement over an old wooden 'buffet' piece.  The fit is pretty good and the furniture is definitely strong enough for the weight of this 72-gallon tank.  I've had community of small fish to goldfish (not at the same time, though) over the years, but right now, since two years ago, this has been a community tank of tetras.  The decor went through a fantasy "sunken city of Atlantis" to "mermaids with a sunken ship" to this rather bare-looking tank (work in progress).  I've just recently put two Marimos and an African root piece I bought on eBay.  I would like to change this tank over time to a more natural looking setup. (Well, my kid's older, and our tastes have changed, so...)

Another view of the same tank with the room lights off.  My camera cannot seem to capture the gravel color accurately...  I've tried so many shots and failed. XD  The tank is "bow front".  I took this one from the right side near the African root.  You can see some Serpae Tetras and Red & Blue Columbian Tetra swimming in front of the wood.  You can't really see them since they float in the front corners, but I also have some Amazon frog bits.  The other floating plant to the upper right of this pic is the common house plant, Pothos.  I had problems with my goldfish rearranging and eating all my live plants and they were the only thing left untouched.  ^^;

This is our Angelfish tank upstairs.  It's also a bow front.  I'm in the process of putting some live plants in the tank, but there's more artificial plants at the moment.  I also have my biggest Marimo in the family in this tank, which was purchased from an Etsy seller.  Just one year ago, these angelfish were tiny babies about 1/2 inch long (not counting the tail).  Today they are about 1 3/4 inches in body length.  Seem pretty happy.  The red plants look darker to my eyes though.  This pic is so bright, it's downright Christmasy.

I have also set up an old small Eclipse tank, which used to be in my child's room many years ago.  It's now being used as a Marimo nursery. :D    The tiny marimo balls I talked about in the previous post now live there.

This morning, I ended up spending an hour looking for a missing fish in my 29-gallon tank.  I had captured the Brilliant Rasboras from the tank and moved them downstairs for more room to swim yesterday.  Since I didn't see this small Black Neon guy (still alive after all his school mates have died over the years), I panicked and even looked at the nets I used yesterday and checked downstairs tank as well.  I thought maybe he was hiding because the Emperor Tetra boys have been acting territorial (= fighting among themselves), the poor guy got scared and was hiding somewhere.  After looking for almost an hour, I finally lifted the Malaysian driftwood ever so gently to see if he managed to get himself wedged somehow (I have had a goldfish get himself stuck in a small ornament before...).  Sure enough, there he was.  Looking sideways and pale.  He was probably stuck there since about 5 pm yesterday and missed out on this morning's feeding.  As I write this, he's looking much better.  There's a tiny tear in his tail, but other than that, the color is back and he's swimming like normal. ^^;  Glad I found him and he was OK. :D

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