Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pics of Chicks at 5 Weeks Old

   These photos were taken on October 11, 2012.  The chicks are 5 weeks old.

   Frigglish is still the friendliest of them all.  So calm and content... about the only one that holds still long enough for me to take a pic in rather poor light (early evening with low level of battery in camera).

   Puccini and Frigglish on a new roost that my husband is building/testing for them.  They look like chickens now.  I believe they are called pullets.

   Puccini looking pretty on the roost.  She was seen jumping and flapping her wings against one of the cats that were trying to climb up the walls.  She wasn't backing down at all.  Feisty girl!  She is very sweet with us, humans. ^^

   Here's Tapioca with almost no yellow left on her.  Her black feathers are very pretty with purple and green sheen in the sunlight.  Unfortunately, this photo was taken in the dearly dust hours, so no pretty colors are captured.  Tapioca seems to weight the most among the five pullets.

   They are getting so big and eating a lot.  We are on our 3rd bag of feed.  They are spending more time outside in the run as well.  They love collard greens, lettuce, and Swiss chard.  All of them still like to jump up on us and roost on us, which is pretty sweet.  Chickens have been definitely more fun than I expected. :)

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