Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week One with the Chicks

Time flies when you're having fun!  It's hard to believe it has been 7 days since the chicks arrived.  They are growing so fast.  (The size of their poo grows noticeably every day! XD)  The wing feathers with pretty patterns are already starting to emerge.

From left to right: Tapioca, Friglish, Dorito, Coco, and Puccini.  We let them out into the run for a while and some of the girls were doing the sand bath thing and got all dingy.

Coco sitting pretty.

Puccini is very friendly, too.

Dorito's wing feathers are showing beautiful patterns.  She'll be a very pretty hen.

The other two dark chicks, we couldn't get good photos.  Friglish is friendly, but the photo came out out of focus.  Tapioca is a little high strung, and with the wing feathers growing, they run with wings flapping as if to test themselves for flying.  They jump a lot, too.

We've had a second case of "Pasty Butt".  Pasty butt is when a poo gets stuck on their butt.  According to the blog article by the company we bought the chicks from, if not taken care of, it will prevent the chick from passing waste and can cause death.  So it's vital that pasty butt is taken care of as soon as it is spotted.  The first time I spotted it was on the day after they arrived.  Dorito had it.  I hadn't read up on the 'pasty butt' at the time, but I figured it would constipate the poor chick, so I moistened a wad of tissue with warm water and gently removed the crusty poo.  She was fine after that.  This time, Tapioca was starting to develop it with one chunk of poo stuck on her butt.  I went ahead and gave her the same treatment as I did to Dorito.  She's been fine since.  It has become one of my chores to check the girls' rear for the telltale sign of PB every morning.  ^^;

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