Thursday, July 19, 2012


   Most of our strawberry plants in the strawberry SFG box are ever-bearer Quinault.  Since it is the ever-bearing variety, we get a continual supply of berries and not a bumper crop all in June.  Because we just got this box set up this April, and the plants are still relatively new, the berry production has been sporadic so far and most of the berries have been tiny, though packed in flavor.

   Yesterday, I finally got my cereal bowl filled with fresh berries of different sizes (and shapes).  I am starting to see more of the regular-size strawberries on the vine, and the color was uniformly spectacular as you can see in the photo.  Gorgeous, glistening red berries -- and they smell wonderful!  I had them with fresh plain yogurt for breakfast.  I'm thinking about getting some condensed milk to dip in.  That's yummy, too.

   A mushroom appeared overnight in the same strawberry box. XD  We've seen tiny mushrooms appear time to time, but never anything quite this big.  The top measured 2 inches across yesterday.  I thought it would die in the hot sun yesterday, but lo and behold!  It's still here this morning and it's grown to 3 inches across!

   Getting an unexpected "guest" in the garden is a surprisingly delightful aspect of gardening, along with volunteer plants and seeds not turning out true to package information. ^^;  The adventure in gardening, I guess.

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