Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Garden Fairies

   I was cleaning up my old abandoned garden plot at the end of our property late yesterday and stumbled upon my forgotten fairies!  They are small stick-in-the-soil resin statuettes I bought several years ago at probably Walmart garden center.  They were still looking charming, just placed in a corner of a garden and forgotten.

   So I washed them and placed them into my newly planted pots of pansy and dianthus.  The plants are still small, so the pots look bare.  It was the perfect spots for these little fairies.  Now that they're on the back porch just out the kitchen door, I can see them more often, too.

   And right next to these pots of pansy and dianthus is a large pot of nothing but 'volunteer' plants.  I have  red lettuce, a wild larkspur (It originally came from a seed packet of double-flower larkspur, but I keep getting the offspring seedlings that reverted to the natural, original form with smaller single flowers every spring... for 17 years now.), and a third generation cornflower/bachelor's buttons.  The volunteer plants always do extremely well.  They seem to know just when to come up only in the most favorable micro-climate area around the house.

      One of the new additions to our backyard this spring, aside from our SFG boxes, is the raspberry plants.  They were planted 2 to 3 weeks before my mostly-failed bare-root strawberries in early March.  They were hit a number of times by frost, and some lost more leaves than others.  We planted 5, and 4 seem to be recovering from all the setbacks/damages.  One at the end of the row, farthest away from the house, is looking dead with no sign of recovery.    I may have to replace that one. ^^;

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